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How did it all begin?

It all started with a good choice:
To have a more balanced and healthy diet with the help of detox and functional juices. During the first week everything went well, both John and his wife were enthusiastic about the morning juice ritual, but because of the logistics of having three daughters and a very energetic dog, time was starting to be a challenge to do everything at the same time. Not to mention the ingredients such as fruits and vegetables + superfoods, between weighing, cutting, storing and ensuring that everything was neat, the truth is that the oxidation wins. The luck of this family is that they have a Bimby, a great help to make everything simpler.

In the second week
The enthusiasm gave rise to some frustration at not being able to fulfill a goal drawn together. At the same time, it would be a waste not to use the superfoods already purchased, a small fortune inside a kitchen cabinet. There had to be a simpler, more practical, and more pleasurable solution to start the day well.

João was never a person to give up,
For a few days the only theme that occupied his mind was this: "healthy eating and ease - how to make it possible?" Until one day, on a trip with the woman to the supermarket and out of nowhere, she had an idea !!! As soon as he got home, he began to search to see if what he had in mind would have some foundation and the result proved that he did. He had had a great idea, for the simple fact that there was nothing the same or similar and he would make it possible.

Today he proudly states: "It all started at Bimby"
This week he experimented, tested every possible option, and when he got the desired effect, starting the day with excellent functional juice with ease and just pure pleasure, he felt he needed to share his great idea with the world.

O desafio de encontrar as pessoas certas
por mais genial que seja uma ideia é crucial ter as pessoas certas para a poder colocar em prática. Muitas reuniões e conversas, o João falou com muitas empresas e com muitas pessoas. "Quanto maior for a resistência inicial, maior é o sucesso!" assim provam as grandes ideias que mudaram mentalidades, desde o avião, aos relógios ou mesmo a internet e até o facebook.
É preciso encontrar quem se identifica, quem acredita e mais que isso quem já tem um mindset Wellness e empreendedor, quem também tem sonhos e deita mãos à obra para os concretizar, quem não aceita um "não" como resposta e vai atrás do que sonhou.

The challenge of finding the right people
No matter how great an idea is, it's crucial to have the right people to put it into practice. Many meetings and conversations, John spoke with many companies and with many people. "The higher the initial resistance, the greater the success!" So they prove the great ideas that have changed mentalities, from the airplane, the watches or even the internet to facebook.
It is necessary to find who identifies, who believes and more than this who already has a Wellness and entrepreneurial mindset, who also has dreams and hands to work to achieve them, who does not accept a "no" as an answer and goes after what he dreamed .

INIŪ your true nature
Was born with the mission of raising the quality of life of each person, making eating healthy and conscious, more accessible, simple and delicious. He believes that balance is the key word for everything.

Pure nature with functional juices
Are 9 options created and developed to meet the real motivations and human needs that are part of our daily lives: Pre and Post Workout, Antiaging, Energetic, Antioxidant Reducer, Antioxidant Breakfast, Anti Cellulite, Detox And Dernante.

"When you have an idea and after doing some research realize that it can be a great idea, for the positive contribution to the world. Be prepared to listen to many "no" but if you truly believe that it is possible, then be stronger than any resistance, because only then will you succeed.
When you are already in the phase of the "yes" Smile, it is the proof that the dream commands Life, as long as you are willing to fight for what you believe. "
João Gouveia
  • Written by: INIŪ
  • your true nature

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  • "I love the taste and texture of each juice! They are perfect not only to start the day full of energy, but also in situations where I need an extra energy boost late in the afternoon and there is still a lot of work to do.

    • Ana Cristina Guilherme
    • Nutricionista
  • "In order to increase my stamina and strength to run marathons, I have looked for the best way to eat protein in a natural and tasty way. INIU’s PRE-WORKOUT juice gives me a good amount of natural protein and this reflects in my running."

    • João Gouveia
    • Founder
  • "I am a sports fan. I train every day, so I know how important it is to help the body restore its levels after doing physical exercise, in order to be balanced as well as to help cells absorb all the good energy they need."

    • Catarina Sabido
  • "I have an intense professional life, 3 daughters and I love playing sports! It is not always easy to reconcile everything ... With INIU’s ENERGIZING juice, I finally have more energy to embrace my daily challenges every morning." Joana Gouveia

    • Joana Borralho de Gouveia
  • "A must have! I have finally found the solution to my lack of patience in preparing a good breakfast. Now, in just a few seconds, I have the most complete breakfast ever! INIU is here to make our lives easy. Before and after working out... An extensive juice line everyone should try and see for themselves! "

    • Diana Jardim Abecassis
    • Lisboa
  • "These juices - have tasted them all - are wonderful, especially to start the day. Since I started taking INIU’s juice at breakfast, I now have the first meal of the day low in calories but very healthy and energy-giving. Any of the juices, despite all those ingredients often not having a very nice taste, are a fantastic combination that results in a great flavor. I am personally a big fan of the ANTI-CELLULITE juice. But the best thing of all is that you just need to take it from the freezer 15 minutes before, add water and put it in the blender: there is nothing quicker, easier and more practical. Congratulations to the team!"

    • Madalena Burnay
    • Lisboa
  • "I thought the juices were an excellent substitute for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. They are healthy, tasty and make you feel satiated quickly."

    • Raquel Dias
    • Lisboa
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