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The best from us in order to get the best from you, the best for you and the best in you.

We believe balance is the keyword in everything in life, so we give each person the power and freedom to choose what is best for them.
We are inspired by the positive side of life
The growing demand for a better quality of life and a better balance between mind and body has led to changes in behaviour and habits in all of us. Healthier lifestyles, such as a more careful diet with natural ingredients, are increasingly the best choice. 
INIU was created to reinforce this lifestyle by giving each person the power to make healthier and more conscious choices in an easy, practical, delicious and very comfortable way, by combining quality, innovation and sustainability.
We embrace the mission of contributing to improve the quality of life of each person, making conscious and healthy food choices more accessible and convenient for all.
Meet the team
João Gouveia

João Gouveia

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur since he can remember, João combines selflessness and perseverance in achieving the dreams that inspire him. And so, from a simple idea, along with innovation and authenticity, one of the biggest food revolutions, 100% natural, was born.
Margarida Furtado

Margarida Furtado

Project Manager

Methodical and objective, Margarida believes that with perseverance and dedication everyone can meet their goals. Her priority lies with the quality of the ingredients, always adding to the continuous improvement of the brand.
Tiago Pereira

Tiago Pereira

Project Manager

Pragmatic and positive by nature, Tiago is motivated by constant challenge. The pressure of a new business and its sustained growth, are some of his pillars to achieve active contribution for the expansion of INIU.
Dra. Iara Rodrigues

Dra. Iara Rodrigues

Nutritionist Adviser

In love with the power that each food has, Dr.ª Iara draws inspiration from research and knowledge to create the best combinations of ingredients rich in nutrients, benefits and flavour, working for the health and well-being of people.


Contribute to increased welfare of the people and the sustainable balance of the planet.
Balance health Consciousness
Happiness Authenticity


Be the market leader in Branded healthy eating choices with innovative and sustainable solutions that will meet the real human needs.
It is the people that we focus on
On their well-being and balance in the face of everyday demands, with little time to take care of our most valuable gift: our health.
We believe that one’s natural state is being healthy, and when something causes imbalance in the body, either by excessive stress, poor eating habits, or a sedentary lifestyle, the best choice we can make is to restore the harmony between body, mind and spirit. Food is crucial in this change to regain vitality and happiness.
A better quality of life and more health
Connecting the well-being of everyday life to a complete balance between nature, mind and body.
The most holistic values - which put people’s well-being first - are connected with the functional and practical values of INIU’s juice line. The ease, speed and convenience of these options ensure that feeling good is quite simple.
Live the best of You and the best of Life.

What does it say who tried ...

  • "I love the taste and texture of each juice! They are perfect not only to start the day full of energy, but also in situations where I need an extra energy boost late in the afternoon and there is still a lot of work to do.

    • Ana Cristina Guilherme
    • Nutricionista
  • "In order to increase my stamina and strength to run marathons, I have looked for the best way to eat protein in a natural and tasty way. INIU’s PRE-WORKOUT juice gives me a good amount of natural protein and this reflects in my running."

    • João Gouveia
    • Founder
  • "I am a sports fan. I train every day, so I know how important it is to help the body restore its levels after doing physical exercise, in order to be balanced as well as to help cells absorb all the good energy they need."

    • Catarina Sabido
  • "I have an intense professional life, 3 daughters and I love playing sports! It is not always easy to reconcile everything ... With INIU’s ENERGIZING juice, I finally have more energy to embrace my daily challenges every morning." Joana Gouveia

    • Joana Borralho de Gouveia
  • "A must have! I have finally found the solution to my lack of patience in preparing a good breakfast. Now, in just a few seconds, I have the most complete breakfast ever! INIU is here to make our lives easy. Before and after working out... An extensive juice line everyone should try and see for themselves! "

    • Diana Jardim Abecassis
    • Lisboa
  • "These juices - have tasted them all - are wonderful, especially to start the day. Since I started taking INIU’s juice at breakfast, I now have the first meal of the day low in calories but very healthy and energy-giving. Any of the juices, despite all those ingredients often not having a very nice taste, are a fantastic combination that results in a great flavor. I am personally a big fan of the ANTI-CELLULITE juice. But the best thing of all is that you just need to take it from the freezer 15 minutes before, add water and put it in the blender: there is nothing quicker, easier and more practical. Congratulations to the team!"

    • Madalena Burnay
    • Lisboa
  • "I thought the juices were an excellent substitute for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. They are healthy, tasty and make you feel satiated quickly."

    • Raquel Dias
    • Lisboa
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